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Cate Chant

Cate Chant was born in Toronto, Canada 1990, and her mother and father were blessed with a beautiful down to earth daughter. Cate was not only gorgeous, but she was intelligent and has a love for all living creatures not often seen. She is a dedicated equestrian and spent most of her life honing her riding skills and bird watching.

An Uncomfortable Discovery

Cate or Catie, as her friends call her, was riding a subway- reading a book and being eyed. She said the encounter gave her such an uncomfortable feeling she fled the area, but the man followed and approached her. He suggested she tried her hand at modeling and gave her the contact information. She still wasn't sure she should believe it. It had taken months before she decided to take a chance and she made that all important call.

She got started with Sothern Models through Nadeau Model Placement, and it wasn’t long before she was walking in Toronto Fashion shows. Then she got the shock of a lifetime, Prada wanted her to walk in Milan, she had to fly over that night and walk the next day. Cate had four significant editorials Hintmag, Vogue Italia, Flare, and NY Magazine in 2008. She chose not to do any fashion shows in 2008 and extended that absence to four years. Just long enough to get her bachelor’s degree in neuroscience.

She says she is working full time as a model, but no runway shows listed her presently. She is still doing a few editorials. Now she may be spending her time riding horses, reading and relaxing.


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