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Carolina Thaler

Carolina Thaler was born in the state of Santa Catarina in southern Brasil and is of German-Italian descent. She grew up in Brasil with the exception of four years in Germany. Having lost her mother at a young age, her father was the major influence and supporter in her life.

Starting Young

Being a model was something Carolina wanted since she was a little girl so- at the age of seventeen she entered the Supermodel Brasil contest presented by Ford in 2009.She soon received an offer from them and readily accepted. The first few months were lonely and difficult for her, but between the undying support of her father and her determination she made it through and completed her high school studies. The same year she did her first magazine for Vogue Brasil.

The First Two Years

It was a comparatively slow beginning- although the shows were limited in number they were quite significant. She walked for Christian Dior in Paris and was in several magazines and a few fashion shows in Brasil in 2011. By the next year, she was a favorite and was in Milan for three runway shows Prada, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. The following month she did three shows on the Paris runway. She was photographed for the Italian magazine Amica and two Brasilian magazines Harper’s Bazaar with an editorial and was on the cover for Brasil Elle.

Some of the most famous fashion designers laid out the red carpet for Carolina. And in 2012 she did thirty- three runway shows in Milan, Paris and New York. Her success didn't stop there- she had numerous magazine editorials and advertising spots.

The Most Popular

In the year 2013 and 2014, Carolina Thaler was one of the most published names in the fashion industry. She did the most shows in Milan and Paris in 2013 and nearly the same number the following year with opening or closing any of those. The number of editorials requests from highly accredited magazines from Du Bai, Mexico, Italy, U.K., Persia, Brasil and New York soared. The designer’s genres varied from ready to wear to couture. In two years from January 2013 to December 2014, she graced the catwalk 144 times.

Continued Success

Unless something drastic happens, it appears the coming years will be just as busy for Carolina. She has already done the catwalk for New York’s spring and summer and Mercedes-Benz fashion week in New York. As well, she walked for the fall and winter in shows in Barcelona and Mango in Spain. Magazines like Elle- It, Glamour UK and Sight have already scooped up interviews and photography sessions for 2015.

How Does She Do It?

Carolina provided the answer to a similar question in one of her first in-depth interviews. She loves her job and she likes the make-up sessions, the fittings and the catwalks. The only other true loves in her life are her family, friends and, of course, her dog.


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