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Brooke Shields

Brooke Christa Camille Shields has a long history in both modeling and acting. She was born on May 31, in 1965. Her birthplace is New York, but she lived in Haworth, New Jersey for as long as she went to high school. Mostly known as Brooke Shields, this brunette beauty had a boost at the start of her career given by her mother, Teri Shields who was a model before she gave birth to Brooke. Trying to focus on her daughter, Teri Shields exposed her to the fashion and TV worlds at a very young age and guided her into choosing a modeling career above all.

Modeling Management

Teri Shields arranged Brooke Shields's debut in a commercial for Ivory Soap when she was less than one-year-old, in 1966. Brooke had practically nothing to say about that at that moment and when she grew up, she continued to pursue the plans her mother had for her. She worked with model agent Eileen Ford, who founded a children's division for her. During the 1980s, she appeared on the cover of Vogue, a fact which made her the youngest model to make it so far. Calvin Klein became known thanks to Brooke and the commercial she acted in, advertising Calvin Klein jeans in a very provocative way. In 1983, Brooke Shields appeared in more than one issue of Vogue from America and from Italy and Paris, as well as in Life magazine. Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Mademoiselle and Seventeen are other magazines that published pictures of her. Over the years, she was involved in different scandals involving nude pictures of her, which her mother had approved at that time.


Brooke Shields didn't only focus on her career in fashion and while doing some modeling work, she was also acting in different cinematographic productions. Besides having her pictures published in different fashion magazines, she was also featured in People magazine that named her one of 50 most beautiful people in the world and one of the most intriguing people. Her sexuality was explored since she was twelve years old. That is when she appeared in the movie called “Pretty Baby” in which she acted in nude scenes a lot. Breck shampoo, Colgate toothpaste and Band-Aids are just some of the products she advertised for. The second movie she starred in was “the Blue Lagoon” in 1980 and the third was “Endless Love” in 1981. “Sahara” and “Brenda Starr” were the last movies she appeared in before focusing on her studies. After she finished them, she accepted a role in a TV show called “Suddenly Susan”, which was cancelled in 1999. She had a brief appearance in an episode of “Friends”.

Personal Life

A close friend of Michael Jackson, Brooke Shields wrote two books. One is an autobiography and it is called “On Your Own” and the other one is about postpartum trauma and it is called “Down Came the Rain”. She has actually experienced a very traumatic period after she gave birth. She was married to Andre Agassi, a tennis player for two years before divorcing. Currently, she is married to writer Chris Henchy with whom she has two children.


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