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 +====== Ava Smith ======
 +The young and beautiful fashion/​runway model, Ava Smith, was born on 4th November, 1988, in Chicago, Illinois. She is the second oldest of four children and is a bright girl with great interest in the modeling industry. Her modeling career began at the age of 16, when she signed with Elite New York and participated in several shoots for the Russian Vogue. She was recognized for being tall, slim and having a special radiance.
 +In 2006, Ava Smith made an appearance in the British Vogue Editorial (Photographed by Paolo Roversi) and a year later, she participated in the Benetton Spring Ad Campaign (Photographed by David Sims). However, due to her studies and young age, her career strangely failed to take off. It was during this time that Ava Smith decided to finish her school and focus on other hobbies.
 +But since modeling had always remained one of her dream jobs, she decided to make a comeback in 2011 by signing with Wilhelmina New York. The same year, she walked the spring DKNY, Thierry Mugler, Helmut Lang, and Ohne Titel shows in Paris and New York. It was during this time, her career took off and Ava Smith finally was recognized as a top model.
 +In 2012, Ava managed to walk over 50 shows in the fall season, thus gaining a stronger following. Additionally,​ she also made an appearance at French Revue De Modes and in the July V Magazine. In 2013, her career flourished as she appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Latin America, Tush, Ponystep, and Mixte magazines.
 +In 2014, Ava Smith made an appearance in the Ochirly Spring, Hobbs S/S, Ochirly Summer, and Ochirly Fall and in the magazine covers of French Revue de Modes, L’Officiel Turkey, Flaunt Fall, and Elle Mexico. This year once again, she appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Mexico and Latin America, but hasn’t really participated in any modeling or advertising shoot.
 +===== Modeling Agencies =====
 +Ava Smith has signed with several leading modeling agencies. Some of the best include
 +Factor Women – Chicago (Mother Agency)
 +Priscilla’s Model Management – Sydney
 +Elite Model Management – Stockholm
 +Elite Model Management – Barcelona
 +Elite Model Management – Toronto
 +Elite Model Management – Paris
 +Wilhelmina Models – New York
 +Le Management – Copenhagen
 +Women Management – Milan
 +Modelwerk – Hamburg
 +Marilyn Agency – Paris
 +Models 1 – London
 +===== References =====
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 +  * [[http://​​forum/​fashion-beauty/​|Discuss Ava Smith on our popular forum]]
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