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Audrey Twitchell Profile

Born in Hartford, Connecticut on May 4th 1993, Audrey Twitchell is an American fashion model and actress who is well known for her strong pout. Twitchell measures an unusually short 5’6’’ in height, has brown hair, brown eyes and has measurements of 32.5 bust, 25 waist and 32 hips with a size 8 shoe and size 4 dress. [1]

Though Twitchell signed to IMG model management in 2006, she is much better known for her early success as an actress both on the small screen and in the theater.

In 2001 aged just eight years old, she began her first modeling work, featuring in a series of mainstream commercials for Disney Cruise Lines. Five years later Twitchell came in to real prominence when she made a guest appearance on Law & Order: SVU as the character Mara Jansen, the daughter of the character played by Mia Dillon. 2006 saw Twitchell experience continued success when she garnered much critical acclaim for her portrayal of Lee Bouvier in an off-Broadway revival production of the musical Grey Gardens. Twitchell was featured in the New York Times as a result of this breakout stage role, and it was at this point that she was approached by IMG and signed a contract with them. [2]


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