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Allie Crandell

Alexander Crandell is an American television personality and fashion model who was born in 1987. She grew up in Sacramento, California before moving to New York after her high-school graduation. Allie Crandell is most well-known for her appearance on the hit MTV reality series, The City. She has been described as the “Kate Moss” of reality television.


Crandell first made her way into the modeling industry after signing to Wilhelmina Models in 2007. She sent the agency a package that consisted of tons of polaroid pictures and they were instantly intrigued so they offered her a contract deal, which she happily accepted. Within the same year, she modeled for Revolve catalog, starred in Duran Duran's “Falling Down” music video, where she played an anorexic model receiving rehab treatment. Many people believe that her character in the music video was based on Britney Spears. Crandell was also featured on as their model of the week.

Since then, she has achieved a variety of accomplishments. In 2008, she appeared in a V editorial, which was photographed by Ellen von Unwerth. A year later, she modeled for Diesel's “Hair Bath” videos. Furthermore, just a few months later she made the decision to leave Wilhelmina Models and signed with One Model Management.

Television Career

Allie Crandell made a one-time appearance on the show The Hills, as herself. One year later she became a part of the MTV reality show The City. Despite playing a major role in Season 1 of the show, she has no star billing. During the second half of season 2, she made only two appearance. Crandell announced to fans of the show that she would no longer be on the show by starting on her personal twitter account, “I'm done with the City forever.” Ever since that Tweet, she has yet to make another appearance on any other television show.

It is rumored that she left the show due to the amount of criticism that she was receiving. There were numerous magazines and online blogs that were constantly accusing her of being too skinny due to an eating disorder. Crandell has died all of these claims.

Personal Life

Allie Crandell has often described herself as a “health nut.” She enjoys reading various health magazines as well as exercising and performing yoga on a regular basis. In addition, she also loves to cook healthy dishes, fish and asparagus being her favorite food to prepare.


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