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Alexandra “Sasha” Pivovarov

Alexandra “Sasha” Pivovarov is a Russian model, born January 21st, 1985 in Moscow. Before her brush with fame in 2005, when a personal companion introduced her to an agent in New York, she studied another kind of brush in her home country of Russia, where she focused on Art History. She is best known for a consecutive 6-season run with Prada.

Personal Life

As a young girl in Moscow, Alexandra’s mother exposed her to the art world, and the two would visit art exhibits during the day. She was enrolled in art classes by age 6. As a student she focused mainly on art, and growing up, she preferred pencils and paper to dolls.

Even with a successful professional modeling career, Pivovarov continues to practice the craft, and her paintings have been displayed in Paris and New York, and published in the French version of Vogue. She’s attended both the University of Moscow, and the St Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, where she met future husband Igor Vishnyakov.

In addition to modeling, she’s worked on illustrations for a book of Russian fairy tales by Karl Lagerfeld, and made her acting debut in the film “In Time”, opposite Justin Timberlake. She was surprised that her first professional film role would be that of a grandmother, but as a child she dreamed of the big screen, and enjoyed the experience, and would do it again if given the opportunity. Pivovarov has been a practicing vegetarian for many years.

She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, and her private residence was the focus of an issue of Vogue Magazine. The trendy loft doubles as an art studio where she continues her side career as a painter and sketch artist. During summer she can be seen poolside in the Hamptons, sipping a fresh Watermelon juice.


In 2005 friend and future husband, photographer Igor Vishnyakov, sent her photos to IMG, an international modelling agency, where she landed a contract. The agency coordinated an appearance at a runway show for Prada, which brought about a three year advertising deal with the brand. Since then she’s worked with major brands and designers like Chanel, Donna Karan, and Gucci.

She’s been featured on the covers of the Australian, British, and Russian editions of Vogue magazine, and as a favorite of photographer Steven Miesel, has graced the cover of Vogue Italia 5 separate times.

She’s worked with all the top designers, and walked for DKNY, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior. Raising a child led the model to put her cat walking career on hold, though she can still be seen on campaigns for brands like Juicy Couture. She describes her personal style as eclectic, is a collector of hats, and says New York is her favorite city for shopping, because you can find anything.

Marriage Pivovarov married longtime friend and partner Igor Vishnyakov in 2009 in Thailand. The couple recreated the 2009 American Vogue fashion shoot with family and friends. The event was attended by friends Irina Kulikova and Jessica Stam. The couple have a daughter together, Mia Isi.


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