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Alana Kuznetsova

Alana Kuznetsova was born in 1990 in Moscow, Russia. With a fair skin tone, and attractive facial features, the Russian model has been successful in making her way through the competitive fashion industry. With ideal Height 5'9.5 and measurements 32.5-25-35, she also has unique facial features among which her lips are the most prominent. They have certainly helped her a lot in achieving the position she holds today.

With an inborn passion for modeling, the Russian Model, Alana Kuznetsova, started her modeling career in July 2007. Paris has been a home and a starting path to many models and fashion icons. Similarly, Alana started her career in Paris when she signed with IMG Paris. Her modeling was appreciated by many well-known fashion icons and she was given further chances to showcase her talent. She was also featured in Pop as a rising star and walked for spring Miu Miu show in the same year she started her modeling career.

Career Highlights

Her fame reached at its peak in 2008 when she walks for certain well-established and famous fashion world designers. She is casted as a model for Prada Sport spring look book. This highlights a major milestone in her modeling career. After modeling for Prada, she becomes the focus of many other designers and fashion magazines. In March, 2008, she walks for Anne Valérie Hash and Givenchy couture shows in Paris. Then in August, she makes an appearance in French Vogue Editorial, making her even more famous. Just after a month, in September, she is casted for the Australian vogue editorial and is photographed by the famous Max Doyle. She also closed the spring Nicole Miller show in New York, which marked yet another achievement in her modeling career. From Paris to New York, this 24 year old Russian model just kept progressing to make her name listed among the top models in the fashion industry.

She also walked for Max Mara, Dior, Valli, and Vuitton distinguishing her from other models. Her latest appearance was during the year 2010 in Velvet collection photographed by David Roemer. She has also been acknowledged as one of the top ten most beautiful celebrities around the world.

Her modeling career, without a doubt, has been a success. Her consistent appearances and beautiful looks have certainly helped her to achieve her goals and make her name in the fashion industry. Although Alana was last seen modeling in 2010, yet the years she spent modeling have been fabulous.


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