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Ajuma Nasanyana

The world of modeling holds glamour for every living female. But if we take a wider look, most of the fashion world icons have limited modeling to models who are fair-skinned, blue eyed, and golden haired, much like that of a fictional character. It is almost true to say and you might have heard it before that even the girl in the magazine doesn’t look like the girl in the magazine. Ajuma Nasanyana has been successful in breaking this stereotype. Born and brought up in Kenya, Ajuma has a black skin tone with fuller lips and skinny body. She has, successfully, made it to the list of world class models. Her real name is Nancy Nasenyana, but she is now widely known by her new name Ajuma. Ajuma’s Main Goal

With a height of 5 ft 10 in (1.78m), the model ‘Ajuma Nasanyana’ is known for her long and beautiful legs. She has black hair with brown eyes, making her stand out of the crowd. Although she might not fit most of the people’s definition of a beautiful model but due to her confidence and bold looks, she has made it to the top of fashion world. She expresses a high aim to eliminate racism from the world of fashion and modeling. “It is really sad when you flip through Vogue and all you see are white models,” she expresses with grief in an interview. She also has the support of other black super models such as Naomi Campbell.

Career Highlights

Ajuma started her career by participating in Miss Tourism Kenya Competition. Although she was not able to win this competition but due to her confidence and looks, she was spotted by Lyndsey Mclntyre who not only recognized her inner potential but also provided her with resources to enter Ford Models Supermodel of the World Search 2003 to represent Kenya. Ajuma was fortunate enough to be the fourth runner up in this competition as the first ever black model. This achievement gave her career a major boost and ever since the ford competition, she has been constantly making progress in the fashion industry. Her other major milestones include her walks in the Victoria Secret Fashion show in November 2006 and Winner of Africa model of the year in 2011. Although she is currently very successful in her modeling career, but she is also aware of the reality that modeling is not a long term career and she is now saving up to study and become a midwife. First Ever Modeling Agency in Kenya

The model has shaken hands with the City Models Paris in 2013 to start an international model agency in Kenya. Officially inaugurated at the French Ambassador’s residence in Nairobi, this agency has sparked a new hope among young girls in Kenya who see supermodel Ajuma as their role model in the fashion industry. This extraordinary 23 year old girl from Lodwar has certainly given young black girls a good reason to opt for modeling.


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