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Aiden Andrews

Aiden Andrews

Aiden Andrews is a six foot two inch, American twenty-seven-year-old fashion model, who was born in New Zealand on January 22, 1989. Aiden calls Roanoke, Virginia his “hometown.” He has noted his fondness for black and green olives and is a big brother to his little sisters. He is currently a Ford model and is often hired for his startling sheered cheekbones and chiseled chin. (1) He was “discovered” after entering the Ford V Man online modeling contest where he was a finalist.

Soon after, in spring of 2009, he was modeling for Marc Jacobs, Rag & Bone and other designers on the catwalk.

According to the Ford Models Blog, Aiden Andrews was featured in an important fashion shoot in summer 2011 VMAN 22. The shoot was called “Before The Fall” and featured military style clothing as photographed by Sharif Hamza and styled by Jay Massacret. (2)

One of Aiden Andrews highlighted fashion shoots was a shoot based on a century-old fitness manual for men entitled Fifty Exercises To Do With Your Suit On. In the photo shoot for the New York Times, Aiden Andrews was photographed wearing a pinstripe suit and exercising in an elevator, exercising his fingers while sitting in a chair, making use of an actual staircase rather than a stair master, and using a lunch tray as an exercise weight, all the while looking the sharp professional. (3)

He has been a prominent model for Jil Sander, and featured in campaigns for Jil Sander, as well as becoming the “face” of Sander in October 2010. (4) As well, Aiden Andrews has done high fashion shoots wearing Gucci, Prada, and Kenzo Homme. His Dazed and Confused editorial, when he was photographed by Serge LeBlon was an essential step on his career path.

Among the agencies Aiden Andrews works with are Ford Models: New York; Premium Models: Paris; Why Not Model Management: London; Elite Barcelona; Barcelona; Nest Model Management: Berlin; and Bravo Models: Tokyo. Aiden Andrews has been ranked as number 35 out of 50 on the Top 50 Male Models.


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