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Adrian Wlodarski

Adrian Wlodarski is a fashion model who was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1986. He weights one-hundred and ninety pounds pounds and is six foot two and one-half inches tall. He has a thirty-six inch chest, a thirty-two inch waist, and thirty-seven-inch hips. He has light-brown hair and blue eyes. He began modeling in 2004.

Adrian is currently represented by VNY Model Management in New York in USA, and Major Paris in France, I Love Models in Milan, and FM London In London, England. (1)

Adrian started his modeling career in 2004, and among his many jobs modeling, Adrian appeared in an Elle editorial in 2007, and became the face of Prada Sport in 2008. In December 2010, Adrian was photographed for the Robb Report in formal fashion in a throwback shoot dedicated to how “a gentleman dressing for the evening donned his waistcoat, white tie, tails, and top hat,” featuring the designers Louis Vuitoon, Gucci, and Tom Ford among others.

Adrian Wlodarski, and fellow models Yannick Abrath and Youri Dedeurwaerder were featured, in an editorial entitled “Cruise Control,” in the December 2012 British fashion magazine SID. Photographed by Tomas Falmer with styling by Sylvester Yiu, fashion models posed in striking portraits, wearing black tailored fashions from various houses including Dior, Homme, and Tommy Hilfiger. (2)

Adrian explained the intensity of fashion week in Paris during the Spring 2010 show when he was interviewed on the backstage of Cerruti and said that the day before he had walked for another designed, and tomorrow would be doing Donna Hill, then Sunday a different show. In 2014 he walked the Milan fashion shows and said that it was exactly nine years before that he had first walked for fashion week in Milan. Adrian says that it feels “more like home now” and that “in the beginning it was a little bit hard because I didn’t speak English.” He also speaks of his wife, who is a student, and because of her studies she can only travel with him on various occasions. Because he is often in a place for only two days before moving on to the next place, as when he was in Milan and then in Singapore for two days, it can be difficult to get extended periods of time at home with her. (3)

In 2014, he appeared in the movie Bogowie. The movie is a 120-minute drama about the career of Zbigniew Religa, a Polish cardiac surgeon, who performed Poland’s first human heart transplant surgeries. (4)


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