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Born: circa 1950. Education: Attended New York University. Family: Married to Sybil Yurman; children: one son. Career: Art apprentice with sculptors Jacques Lipchitz and Theodore Rozark, early years; started David Yurman, Inc. with wife and partner, Sybil, 1979; launched the Gold-Segment Collection, 1982; launched women's watch in a cable-cuff style, 1995; launched Midnight Ice Collection, 1999; launched David Yurman Thoroughbred Watch Collection, 1999; celebrated the 20th anniversary, 2000; opened flagship boutique on Madison Avenue in New York, 2000; opened a new boutique in Saks Fifth Avenue in Houston, Texas, 2000. Awards: Cultured Pearl Designer of the Year, 1983; InterGold Design award, 1983; Contemporary Design Guild Hall of Fame award, 2000. Address: 501 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022, USA. Website: www.DavidYurman.com .




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With his signature cable look, David Yurman has created a name for himself as an artistic designer of fine, classic, and contemporary jewelry. The cable design, which was inspired by everything from simple, ordinary objects to art, is Yurman's creative use of silver or a combination of silver and gold. Then, depending on the collection, he adds stones or jewels to the pieces to add character and life. According to Yurman, inspiration for his designs has "always been touched by magical, ancient forms…There is a common thread in recognizable symbols that seems to bind people together."

Yurman does in fact make every effort to bring people together, both with his designs and within his community and business. In 1999, he presented Steven Spielberg with the first David Yurman Humanitarian award as part of the GQ magazine's Men of the Year awards. The award honored Spielberg's selfless contributions to both the arts and to the betterment of society. The ceremony also allowed Yurman the opportunity to launch his Thoroughbred Watch line. Each award-winner was presented with a first edition, hand-inscribed watch from the collection. To honor Spielberg, Yurman created a bronze sculpture of his inspirational angel. According to Yurman, the angel is a symbol of hope and charity, representing "the hope of the human spirit."

In 2000 the David Yurman Humanitarian award was given to Sir Elton John, who was presented an angel pin created by the designer. The pin, made of sterling silver, which can be worn by both men and women, had a signature cable bridge linking the delicate wingspan together. Hand-made replicas of the pin were also available for sale in stores to raise funds for Sir John's AIDS foundations.

Yurman's designs are stylish and clearly unique. His earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches clearly exude luxury. The Midnight Ice Collection, introduced in 1999, featured diamonds and black onyx set in sterling silver and 18-karat gold. Yurman's popular Cable Collection has a signature look of its own, and the intertwined gold and silver have become an enduring classic—a look and style that unmistakably say Yurman. Among the Quatrefoil Collection is a beautiful gold and diamond watch, while the Silver Ice Collection is designed with diamonds in sterling silver cable. The Blue Ice Collection continues Yurman's use of cabled sterling silver, and throws 18-karat yellow gold and blue chalcedony into the mix.

In 2001 Yurman launched the Women's Thoroughbred Watch Collection, featuring soft pastels of green and pink with black and white dials. The bands, which can be accessorized, come in a variety of soft colors as well as bright orange or red, and even a cable bracelet.

David Yurman's collections are continually evolving; looking into the future, he anticipates a collection of plain gold, and perhaps another of platinum and gold. The Silver Ice Collection is being expanded to include a White Ice Collection, putting pearls and diamonds into the jewelry. One of his design trends emphasizes a much cleaner look, using a dominant hue or stone, rather than a mixture of colored jewels per piece. In addition, Yurman is also considering other accessories, such as belts and leather items, with which he has dabbled in the past.

—Kimbally A. Medeiros

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